Raven, Veterinary Technician. Raven started with the MBFV family August 2018, making her the newest member of the team! Her love for animals started not only from having many at home but from bringing home kittens, birds, rabbits and other critters she found all around the neighborhood as a child. She graduated from BMC 2014, in which she volunteered at places like Longmeadow Ranch, World Bird Sanctuary, Humane Society of Missouri, several cat clinics amongst the Saint Louis city region, and various other veterinary facilities to strengthen her skill set while in school.

She still loves it all the same, if not more due to the relationships she’s developed within the field. So much so, that she recently decided to open her own non-profit and pet care business. It entails helping any and every one that needs daily animal care but mainly those that suffer from neuropathy and other mobility issues. Her services include expressing anal glands, pedicures, baths, pet sitting and walking. She currently has two cats, “Elijah” and “Smokey Robinson” both being rescues and considering more everyday she’s at MBFV.